Human Rights in the City 2022
THE INDICATORS BASED Performances Of Metropoliten Municipalities in Turkey

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This study, carried out by the Urban Strategies and Local Practices Association (Kent-Lab) with the support of Etkiniz EU Program, aims to examine the extent to which local governments in Turkey have adopted and implemented the concept of “Human Rights City”.

Covering 30 metropolitan municipalities in Turkey, this study aims to review the indi-cators previously developed in Turkey in relation to the human rights city, and to mea-sure the extent to which these indicators are accessible through open sources. In ad-dition, the study aims to measure and publicize the performance of the metropolitan municipalities through indicators related to the human rights city, as well as to assess the knowledge and experience of representatives f rom city councils, the most import-ant legally required participation mechanism of municipalities in Turkey, on the concept of the human rights city.


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